Transmission Lines

  1. Basic of Propagation Along double Lines
    Modeling of transmission lines by L’ and C’ due to its physical phenomenon. Lossy TL by adding R’ and G’. Applying KVL and KCL to derive wave equations

  2. Wave equation and characteristic quantities
    Solution of wave equations, wave impedance and propagation constant (attenuation and phase constants)

  3. Wave reflection at load
    Reflexion phenomenon by arbitrary load, reflection factor, VSWR, Slotted line

  4. Impedance transformation
    Transformation of load impedance due to transmission line, input impedance of open and short load.
    Calculation of input impedance by Smith chart

  5. Matching Circuits
    Matching using Smith Chart

  6. Transient
    Pulse propagation along transmission lines,

  7. Maxwell’s equations and solution

  8. Coaxial Cables and Double Lines,

  9. Waveguides
    Basic of waveguides, modes, cut-off frequency, applications

  10. Fiber Optics
    Basic propagation in fiber optics, critical angle, modes in planar fiber optics

  11. Microstrips
    quasi TEM wave in microstrip, analysis and design of microstrip line, circuit examples


    Mudrik Alaydrus, Transmission Lines (in indonesian), Graha Ilmu, Jogjakarta, 2009


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